Surprise is what makes a moment memorable. Surprise your staff and create a positive employee experience together

From Human To Human

“Business is always from human to human. Take care of your people if you want them to take care of your business.”

As the founder of Thinking Nova, my mission is the development and the distribution of the “human to human business”. By creating the new tendency become a #detailist the approach is taken from the human side. The focus lies on the person/employee, this is a full switch from business focus to human focus.
Become a human centered business and see the changes happening every day.

“I believe in the human centred company. Researches show the great success of Positive Employee Experience in efficiency, productivity, and revenue of companies. The employee wellbeing affects the outcome of a company in all aspects.”

Be the next generation company - be the human company

Employee Experience


The first day is crucial for every employee. Make it a special moment, take time and plan a unique experience. They will never forget this moment.


Employees should feel appreciated and realized at their workplace. Do you take care of trainings? How do you decide when it´s time for a promotion?


Keeping your best talent on board is always a challenge. The market is hard and competitive. Just some perks are not enough anymore.

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Let´s focus on the people you work with. Create a human experience, lower your turnover rate, keep the talent on board and increase your revenue.
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As the founder of Thinking Nova I´m an unshakable optimist who wants to change work experiences and customer experiences. I created Thinking Nova for you, to improve the work situation of leaders and employees, to change the mindset of managers who are willing to invest in their employees. You will see how productivity and revenue will increase with a few changes. Give it a try!

I´m a certified Employee Experience Partner


The power of experience

Make your employees your brand advocates by creating personalized experiences.
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Your staff is your most important product

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